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About us - Who are Digital Logic?


We are a fast growing company with experience and passion to create the right product or strategy for you, we offer 360-degree digital marketing strategy including research stats, approach, action plan and KPIs. Developing marketing mix and content strategy, Local and international market research, target segmentation analysis, competitive analysis and Brand strategy.

Digital Marketing Analytics Consulting

Fully Data-Driven consulting services to enhance the data resources integration, connect the data patterns, improve reporting systems, and empower stakeholders to stay in the centre of your performance. Marketing data analytics consulting - data analytics strategy, analytic tools integration, KPIs and ROI analysis.

Marketing Automation & Tech Consulting

Marketing automation strategy, marketing cloud integration, lead generation & nurturing strategy.

Marketing Performance Audit (SEM, SEO, PPC)

Marketing performance strategy, PPC Audit, SEO Audit, Facebook Audit, AdTech & Programmatic Integration, Paid Media Auditing, KPI Analytics

Check our some of our areas of expertise

  • Research: Market Research & Customer Segmentation Analysis

  • Strategy: Digital acquisition strategy and lead generation

  • Auditing: Performance Marketing (Search, Programmatic, Display and Paid Social)

  • Analytics: Marketing Data Analytics Strategy and Analysis

  • Automation: Marketing Automation Strategy

  • Digital: Content, SEO, Email Marketing, social media, Inbound Marketing, Lead nurturing, conversion optimization (CRO)

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